Home Extensions Specialists  in the North East UK 

Building an extension on your home is the best way to increase the amount of usable living space without having to sell up and move to a larger home.

We undertake all types of domestic extensions including:

  • Single Storey Extensions
  • Multi-storey Extensions
  • Over-structure extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Porches

The additional costs and fees involved in moving home, not to mention the upheaval and disruption, makes opting for a home extension a much more attractive proposition for most people.

WHS Builders have been building extensions for more than ten years in the North East region and have acquired a reputation for high quality builds that have generated many positive customer reviews. Many of our projects are the result of client referrals, which reflects the level of satisfaction our building work attracts.

Single-storey extensions will extend your property outwards, normally into the garden or patio area. This is by far the most common type of extension and is a proven way of creating additional living space.

Multi-storey extensions are built up and out usually to the same height as your existing roof, commonly covering two floors, adding extra downstairs and upstairs areas to a home.

Over-structure extensions are built on top of existing buildings such as a garage or an existing single storey structure. These can be problematical as site investigations on the existing structures have to be carried out to determine if there are issues with supporting walls to take into consideration and the strength of existing foundations.

Porches are fairly self-explanatory. They will give you a small amount of additional space to the front or side of your house and are great for providing a ‘cold’ barrier between the house and the outside world, helping preserve the heat in the home by having an extra space between the house and the chilly world outside.  

Conservatories remain popular choices to extend your living space, but the current trend is to use less glass, particularly in the roof section to help maintain temperature stability. Early conservatories were notoriously difficult to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, resulting in companies setting up especially to replace the roof glassed area with more traditional roofing materials.

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