About WHS Builders

WHS Builders are a team of experienced building contractors based in Sunderland. Established in 2009, we have built an impressive reputation in the region for our meticulous builds and our attention to detail, delivering an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of building services from new builds to extensions.

What We Do

Building Construction

Whatever your construction needs, WHS Builders have the expertise, the manpower and the project planning resources to carry out most building projects.

Building Repairs

 Building in need of repair? Our repair specialists can help

Custom Design

WHS Builders work with some of the most respected architects in the business to bring their visualisations to life.

About WHS Builders

Building a building business!

Being in the building trade requires the assembly of great teams, a highly skilled workforce and with a desire to deliver the perfect project to the client – on time, to the highest quality and on budget.

This is why we take extra care at the assessment stage to make sure that we take into account ALL elements of a project, especially those hidden factors that are not easily seen when estimators visit a home.

Although it is impossible to foresee all the problems that may crop up during a project, our combined years in the building trade gives us a real edge when it comes to dealing with construction issues.

You can almost guarantee that someone within our teams has come across every single issue that crops up during a construction project and has the right solution to hand. If we haven’t come across it before – we will use our expertise to resolve it and put the solution in our ‘toolbag’, so that when this problem arises again – we have the fix to hand!

All part of a professional builder’s repertoire.

And ready for you to use.

Only the Best


Tried and Tested Construction Systems

We leave experimentation to others; we use building methods that work and stand the test of time. 


Technology Followers

 We appreciate that there is a time to adopt new technology methods – and we do, once that new technology has been proven to work. 


High Quality Construction Management

Properly managed projects mean dleiverables on time and on budget. We pride ourselves in being good construction managers.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Field Workers

Office Staff

“Building the future, brick by brick”

Wayne Surtees – WHS Builders